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Durarara!! 3Way Standoff -alley- Omake (CG) (complete) +extras

sorry reviews, you have to wait πŸ˜€ too much piles of work i mean unposted stuffs argh procrastinayshun
damn the sceneries and the poses, too lazy to render someone, make me do it

full of spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. only new ones that appear in Alley. if you want the old ones, it’s somewhere in ze blog.


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have i tell you i’m not good with titles?

so hey, long time no blog. many things happened, from no internet to personal problems. i just checked my email earlier after registering for megaten IMAGINE and i found out someone’s been asking for stuffs…sorry for the late response! orz

i dunno what game should i review, actually i have lots on my mind…XD
and of course, that DOES include old games. by old, i mean it, old. *coughtaikocough*
actually i haven’t play much games lately, just been replaying ToV…and waiting for DRRR 3-way Standoff Alley so that i can fanboy shizuiza like crazy. derp.

i’m somehow started to check stuffs on deviantart again, maybe that’s…finding linearts to draw? i’ve been really into coloring lately. now i just wish i have a tablet so i can draw too. i suck using the mouse…since i use the mouse using my right hand but i’m a near-total left-handed. OTL

PSN is gonna be online tomorrow, i’m excited! and heard they’ll be giving free stuffs, yay!
oh btw i wonder, if i have japanese psn, can i add american psn users? then again, who reads this…hahaha…

so i did mention on my tweet form twiter that my parents were fighting. they made up now, i’m glad because the sad mood isn’t in the air anymore. it was just a misunderstanding anyway…my mom loves to keep her sickness secret. -.-
and i actually cooked fried chicken by myself for the 1st time! my brother wants fried chicken. by want…it’s a must. ugh. given my body’s allergy to heat isn’t even helping, i decided to deep-fry them on low heat. that took ages though…
oh well, at least it didn’t turn out bad. *coughflynncough*

aaaand these days i’ve been interested with selfy. too bad i missed the DRRR campaign though, at least i have Izaya’s binoculars…though i really want the outfits, but i can’t afford Gcoins. *cries—/vendingmachined*

i guess that’s it for now. until next time~

there goes another rant after MIA harhar

yeah, i know i’ve been missing for ages…blame finals, and the results? i got flunked. yay! no really, i’m happy for once. to be honest, i hated studying there, and i couldn’t even study because i don’t like any of it…well, cept for languages. so does this mean i should take a language related course? hmm…problem is, i still hate essays, in every language possible. ugh…

so right now, currently NEETing, trying to find a course that i actually love instead of a rather forced thing. feels like doing a job hunt…oh well, it IS similar…in lots of ways. heh. wish me luck folks.

even being a NEET, i’m pretty much busy…with real life (which most of the time includes driving) and of course, games. /smacked
to be honest, there’s a lot of requests, be it graphics or general uploads…and i still couldn’t find myself to do any of them. part of me blames the lack of my laptop usage (which has the stuffs needed to get the job done)…i kept using my netbook (which has immense DRRR!! related stuffs…heck, maybe 90%) instead. and i guess i don’t really have the mood to get them done, though i know people are waiting for crying out loud! i’m such an effing awesome procrastinator. lol /vendingmachined

anyways, ToGF is so effing awesome, period. i think i’ll get some DLCs since some looks awesome…not the Code Geass ones though…mwahaha. not that I don’t like CG, but meh…

definitely worth to get since there’s lots of improvement from the previous TOWRM games. NO MORE GRINDING SO MANY PCS FOR YEARS WHOOHOO! i took years to finish grinding Tales characters in previous games OTL…


/excited like hell
and i swear february is gonna be an awesome month. novel vol 9 is gonna come out too. yay!

and there goes my quick rant, i might review some games when i have the time, be it old or new. or fandomrant more. hahaha XP

Durarara!! 3way Standoff Omake – CG

Been a while since my last update…/vendingmachined
Just feel like sharing what I got after hours of playing the game…but of course, the fun part comes when you play the game by yourself instead of relying on the internet…MUAHAHAHA /knifed

I might share more omake (not CG because these are all of them XD) some other time… πŸ˜›

DISCLAIMER: I do not and never will make any sort of money out of this XD

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Cats or Dogs?

cats, because they’re way cuter~ γ«γ‚ƒγƒΌγ‚“ο½ž

θ³ͺε•γŒγ‚γ‚ŠγΎγ™γ‹οΌŸδ½•γ§γ‚‚οΌ―οΌ«γ γ‚ˆγ€‚ο½—ο½—ο½—


Ah…Ys Seven, used to play it after the original release, and recently there’s English version which made me play again. So…off with the reviews!

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[GAME REVIEW] Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

I’ve been telling myself to do a review already…but lazyness got over me…but hey! I finally got into the mood, so here we go. Forgive my bad english, it’s not my first language, after all.

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